Regd No:E-36827 PAN:AACTL1979M Niti Aayog:MH/2022/0316348 CSR:CSR00039016

Baby of Mrs. Urmi Sachdev

My name is Urmi and i am trying to raise funds for my new born son who is suffering from Prematurity/ Preterm

Baby of Mrs. Reshma

Mr. Laxman Suroshe (Father of Baby) is a farmer and has an unbalancing income of Rs 5,000/- per month. His wife is a home-maker.

Baby of Mrs Kavita

Mr. Viresh Kamble (Father of Baby) is a struggling farmer with a monthly income of hardly Rs 5000/-.

Baby Of Mrs. Suchita

Mr. Aniket Paikrao (Father of Baby) works as a video recording editor. His wife is a home-maker.

Baby Of Binsy Thomas

Baby Of Binsy Thomas is a 1 Year Old Male Child suffering from Congenital Heart Disease

Son Of Shabnam Shaikh

Baby Of Shabnam Shaikh is a 8 Years Old Boy suffering from Chronic Granulomatous Disease

Son Of Savindar Singh

Son Of Savindar Singh is a 5 Years Old Male Child suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Son Of Ruchi singh

Story My name is Ruchi Singh Baghel and I’m here to raise funds for my son’s treatment. My son has been diagnosed with B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. This is a type of blood cancer seen in childhood that’s needs intensive treatment for first six months followed by maintenance chemotherapy for 30 months. Currently he […]