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Meet the brave little boy Baby of Mrs. Kavita Kamble, just a few months older than 2 years, who is courageously fighting for his life against Paratesticular Rhabdomyosarcoma Cancer. This life-threatening type of soft tissue cancer is making this little baby live his life. Right now, he’s getting treated at Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital, Parel. The parents are reaching out to you, seeking your help to complete their baby boy’s treatment, specifically the Chemotherapy care, which is expected to last around 3 months if everything goes well.

The baby’s family comes from humble beginnings. His father works tirelessly as a struggling farmer, facing daily struggles to make ends meet with their modest annual income. He carries the entire financial responsibility for their household, without any external support. He’s making a heartfelt plea for assistance, driven by his deep love for his son.

This little child is going through a lot of pain, and the parents are heartbroken and feeling helpless as they see their child suffer, knowing they can’t afford the necessary expenses.

In response to the child’s urgent medical needs, Little Heart Foundation has taken an oath to support this child. The generosity brings hope in a tough situation, but your support is crucial to ensure the recovery journey is well-supported and the family’s burden is eased. Your involvement can make a significant difference in this brave infant’s life.

It’s really hard to describe how much the baby is suffering. His parents are feeling helpless and very sad, seeing their little one struggle, and they can’t afford the remaining chemotherapies.

The total estimate cost for all 9 Chemothrapires are Rs 3,00,000/-
Estimate for the remaining 4 Chemotherapies are approx Rs. 135000/-

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Update 15/2/2024
Dear Donors,

This is to inform you that Baby of Kavita’s 7th Chemotherapy out of 9 has been successfully completed.

His next chemo will start after some days.

The cost of each chemotherapy is around Rs. 20,000/-

We are having a shortage of Rs 18,300/- for his next chemotherapy. We humbly request you to please help us in saving this innocent boy.

Also, please pray for the baby’s speedy recovery and good health.

Thanks and Regards,
Little Heart Foundation
On behalf of Mr. Samadhan Kamble
(Baby’s Father)