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Project "NEEV" - An Initiative for Education.

Little Heart Foundation, a NGO it was started by organizing sports tournaments for differently-abled, is now working on various other causes like feeding the underprivileged, supporting the education of poor children and providing financial help during medical emergencies.


Education is a fundamental right for every child, regardless of their gender. Unfortunately, millions of girls around the world still face significant barriers to accessing quality education. Limited resources, cultural norms, and societal expectations often restrict their opportunities to learn and grow. However, one impactful way to support these children’s and help bridge the education gap is by contributing to school stationery. By providing the necessary tools for learning, we can empower children to break free from the cycle of poverty and discrimination, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives and contribute to society.

Access to Education: Access to education is not just a matter of attending school; it also encompasses having the essential tools to facilitate learning. Many children from disadvantaged backgrounds lack access to basic school supplies like notebooks, pens, pencils, and other stationary items. These seemingly small items play a significant role in their education, as they allow girls to actively participate in classroom activities, take notes, and complete assignments. By contributing school stationary, we can remove this obstacle and open doors to education for countless girls.

Empowerment through Education: Education has the power to transform lives. When child receive an education, they gain knowledge, skills, and confidence that serve as a catalyst for change. Education equips them with the tools needed to overcome adversity, make informed decisions, and pursue their dreams. Moreover, educated girls are more likely to become economically independent, marry later, have healthier families, and actively participate in their communities. By contributing school stationary, we provide the necessary foundation for girls to embark on their educational journeys, empowering them to shape their own futures.

Project “NEEV” is to provide access to education, which is a fundamental right that should be available to every child, irrespective of their gender. By contributing to school stationary, we can make a significant difference in the lives of girls who face educational barriers. Providing them with the necessary tools empowers them to overcome challenges, break gender stereotypes, and contribute to their communities. As we strive for a more equitable and inclusive world, let us recognize the power of education and take action to ensure that every girl has the opportunity to learn, thrive, and reach her full potential.

When we support for education, we send a ripple effect throughout their communities. As educated children grow into educated men & women, they become role models, mentors, and agents of change. By investing in their education, we create a positive cycle of empowerment that can break down barriers and uplift entire communities.

“A small donation cannot make us poor, but it will definitely bring a smile to a child.”

About the NGO: Little Heart Foundation is a Non-Profit organization empowering differently-abled people. We are working towards using sports as a channel to bring positive change and joy into the lives of differently-abled people in India. There are over a million people suffering from some kind of disability in our nation, and our mission is to help them live their lives with a sportsman’s spirit. They had great potential but they needed an opportunity or rather a platform, to prove themselves, especially in the field of sports. Hence, we organized cricket tournaments and various other sports for those who were differently abled. We even organize other creative events like arts and crafts, poetry, etc.