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  • Little Heart Foundation is a noble initiative to support the little hearts which are unable to reach out to the treatments available for the them to beat normally, just due to lack of finances issue. This is an initiative to bridge the gap between these tiny hearts ailing with congenital issues and the helping hands. The mission of the foundation is to work for healthcare of poor children who require cardiac intervention and procedure to improve their quality of life. In India, congenital heart diseases account for 10 out of every 1000 births, so more than 200,000 children are born every year with congenital heart disease. Approximately one-fifth of these infants are likely to have a serious birth defect, requiring intervention during the first year. The treatment for such defects involves the efforts of skilled clinicians, paramedics, high-end equipment and medicines. Quality care needs adequate funding. The mission of the foundation is to make quality treatment accessible to every child in need, even those who cannot afford life-changing medical intervention.
  • Little Heart Foundation is registered after COVID-19 looking the scenario people effected by COVID BPL family have been effected a lot and they are not able to pay the fees for the son/daughter. Group of minded people with an intuitive vision to serve the marginalized and down trodden communities for a greater social change in the field of socio-economic empowerment. Since its inception it has been struggling hard to show its efficiency & effectiveness in the development process, rendering the best possible services for the holistic development of the community.
  • LHF activities works toward a just and sustainable society to facilitate empowerment of the poor irrespective of cast, creed, language and religion sown trodden marginalized and weakest section of society to bring about a change in the life of people by Innovating them in the process of change to strengthen grassroots capacities by building confidence, problem solving capacities, resilience and skill among local people in ensure, children, education, Health, Women, Rural development, Socioeconomic development.
  • Your donation of Rs. 1500 will be used for funding one month education fees for one student.
  • This amount will be utilized for education of one student; you can donate for more than one student by adding this amount twice in donation section.
  • We fight the big fights to end the suffering of children’s.
  • Quality education for all children that will prepare them to lead empowered and productive lives.
  • Our vision is to improve the status of the urban slums and rural village by supporting them in education and development.
  • We Dream to Create a Bright Future of the Underprivileged Children.
  • Little Heart Foundation is on a mission to promote girl child education in India providing basic skill education amongst the underprivileged. Contribute towards building a strong foundation for nation through women empowerment and development programme.
  • Donate a Bag, book, pen & pencil to bring change to this world​.
    As per UNICEF data 7.1 million children in India do not go to school. We work on building a promising future for these underprivileged children. In India due to illiteracy and poverty, the children who may be the future leaders do not get educated either because their parents cannot afford their education or they are not exposed to the progressive environment.
  • One Meal offered by you may be a godly act of kindness for someone.Is our endeavor to make food available to the destitute across Mumbai by serving them hot, nutritious, locally acceptable dinners arranged by us. Furthermore, We need to empower individuals to investigate the limitless open doors around them, a viewpoint that gets quieted when stomach shouts for food.
  • Our Feeding initiatives ensure food security for the vulnerable population in Mumbai across Government Hospitals, Government Schools and Children living in the slums. Free food is served daily to help them enjoy one meal a day that is hot, freshly cooked and nutritious.
  • Help them also to have all their rights to live in this world​.
    Chilly, wet and hungry - that is the destiny that anticipates creatures each rainstorm. Any food that they find is generally ruined. All the water around them is grimy and tainted.
  • They never had a home to go to anyways, but now even the footpaths they used to curl up on will turn into a massive puddle.
  • Your supports may bring the light and peace in their life​.
    Orientation segregation and savagery against ladies are normal in India. As per a report by the Public Wellbeing and Family Study, one in each three ladies in India, beginning from the age of 15, has confronted some type of homegrown or sexual viciousness. This equivalent study additionally announced that 54.4% of country ladies and 46.8% of metropolitan ladies accept that homegrown maltreatment is ordinary.

Help For Food

One Meal offered by you may be a godly act of kindness for someone

Help For Women

Your supports may bring the light and peace in their life

Help For Education

Donate a Bag, book, pen & pencil to bring change to this world

Help For Animals

Help them also to have all their rights to live in this world


Bright Students are seeking your help to continue their education. Help them by Donation! Show your compassion to orphans , underprivilege & street children. Make a difference in their lives today.

Recurring Donations

With your donations, we at the biggest girl child NGO in Mumbai have been able to distribute around 150 foods containers every day to the needy families who are affected by lockdown and also lost their livelihood because of Medical Treatment.

Ongoing Aid

An orphanage is a residential institution for care and education. We have tie-ups with Orphanage, through which we support baby girl for her education and care We need your help to reach people with the help of your donations, as more people in need have come out of Mumbai.