Regd No:E-36827 PAN:AACTL1979M Niti Aayog:MH/2022/0316348 CSR:CSR00039016

Massive Fire @ Mumbai's Malad East Slum - Appa Pada ( Anand Nagar ) wipes out 1,000 + houses.

The Tadpatri Huts have been completely destroyed by consecutive cylinder explosions, leaving women, men, and children with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They are now outside their huts, crying in fear and looking out for each other’s families. While the BMC has started providing food packets, there are several other basic necessities required for their survival.

Please Note: We have a policy to maintain proper documentation of monetary contributions. All monetary contributions will be used to purchase relief kits and we will regularly update all donors on the utilization of funds