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# Little Heart Foundation's FIGHT AWAY HUNGER:

India is battling after severe second impact of Covid-19. Many other people are fighting for their daily needs. Everyone is under stress and fear, due to the weight of the situation around us, while the daily wagers of our society are laboring every day for their livelihood.

Working hard to earn their fair share of bread at such crucial times to keep their family safe and healthy. Risking their lives for necessities like food and shelter. Because the first to get affected by any calamity, are the people of lower wages and the homeless.

Even the stray animals are strolling around the locality in search of food. Struggling every day because the empty streets of their localities have no one anymore to come out and feed them.

The voiceless need a voice too. They need someone to help them too. Thus, Little Heart Foundation realized that it is time to take things into their hands.

Little Heart Foundation is a nonprofit organization striving to uplift the lives of every individual by contributing to the basic requirements of the poor and needy, to help them survive and sustain themselves in this world.

Our motto is “Uplifting the livelihoods of all living beings in need.” And contemplating the weight of the current situation, we here at Little Heart Foundation have come up with an initiative “FIGHT AWAY HUNGER”.

“FIGHT AWAY HUNGER” is an initiative by Little Heart Foundation where we focus on aiding the homeless and daily wage earners, who are laboring every day to earn livelihood for their families and themselves while risking their lives and also the stray animals who searching day and night the ones who feed them every day and suffering from starvation in such dire times.

We want to become the voice of the voiceless and fight with them to help them stand on their own. It is such dire times when we need support from each other to survive. Humanity has sustained this society for so long and we hope for it for the future too.


We request your assistance in any means. This is a difficult situation for the lower end of our society, who are struggling and laboring every day under the fear of Covid-19. Your contribution will be used to its utmost capabilities.

Thanking you,
Little Heart Foundation