Regd No:E-36827 PAN:AACTL1979M Niti Aayog:MH/2022/0316348 CSR:CSR00039016

Aap iss Diwali kise khush karenge


This year we hope to provide a “Ray of Light” to the community by providing solar lanterns. As the name suggests, these lanterns run on solar energy. The product is extremely easy to use and has no maintenance cost. The lantern is specially designed for rural and semi-urban communities, providing light for about 8-10 hours. At sunrise, it can be charged again. Join us on this journey of light.

How can you contribute to Diwali Donation Drive?

Spread the word about this initiative to your relatives, friends, office colleagues, society members.

Take the initiative to collect stuff at your office, society, from your friends or relatives. We also invite people who wish to donate, sweets, stationery, clothes, toys, etc.

One may contribute to one of the following ways Join us for the sweets Distribution. May contribute financially for the purpose May sponsor stationary kits or solar lamps.

: Due to current situation this year we are not collecting clothes, toys.

Specific requirements: We are going to distribute Stationary kit to the kids (Total 250 Kids) : each kit costs Rs.200/- one may take up responsibility of any number of kits expenditure.

We distribute Faral (Diwali sweets) to the villagers (Total 400 packets) : Each packet costs us Rs.100/- : one may contribute for any number of sweet packets.

We distribute Ration Kits to the villagers (Total 400 packets) : Each packet costs us Rs.700/- : one may contribute for any number of Ration Kits.


We are going to distribute blankets to the villagers (Total 400 Blankets) Each blanket costs Rs.100/-


We are also distributing Solar Lanterns one to every house; (Total 100) You may also contribute for the same. Rs.400/- Each lantern