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Dear Donors,
Help Son Of Priya Khedekar who is 3 years old boy who has been advise by Dr. Ravi Ramadwar for “Laparoscopic Choledochal Cyst Excision with Hepaticoduodenostomy + Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy”.

What is choledochal cyst excision?
In both types of surgery for choledochal cysts, the cyst is removed and often the system of bile ducts are reconstructed or repaired using a section of intestine. Laparoscopy, a minimally invasive surgical technique, may be used to remove your child’s choledochal cyst.

He is being treated in SRCC Childrens Hospital. Needs treatment as soon as possible.

The total expected cost for treatment is Rs. 2,85,000/-

His father Mr. Ganesh Khedekar is a CCTV operator and his monthly income is approx Rs. 10000 only and he is unable to pay such huge amount.

As the amount required is huge, so we request you to kindly contribute for his son’s treatment and help during this time of need. Each contribution is important!

Please help this poor family to raise this amount by clicking on the donate button and sharing this page with your friends and family.

We are grateful for your help and wishes.

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Update 27/6/2023
Dear Supporters,
This is to inform you that my son’s surgery has been successfully done.

He will get discharge soon from the hospital i.e. within a week.

We are still having a shortage of approx. Rs 40k for his post-surgery treatment. Due to the increased hospital stay the bill in increasing daily and I cannot afford it. Our only hope lies in the contribution of caring strangers. Please help us cover the staggering cost of treatment.

I will keep you all posted about his health condition, please remember him in your prayers. I urge you to stand by us and share this link with your family & friends.

Thanks & Regards
Mr. Ganesh Khedekar

Update 22/6/23
Dear Supporters,

This is to inform you that Son Of Priya Khedekar has been shifted to Sir H.N. Reliance Hospital from SRCC Children’s Hospital.

He will have surgery tomorrow on 23 june 2023.

We are having a shortage of Rs 85k from our committed. So We request to all our supporters to please contribute the maximum possible!

Also, please pray for his successful surgery, speedy recovery and good health.

Thanks and Regards,
Little Heart Foundation