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Little Heart Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation headquartered in Thane, Maharashtra. The Foundation provides nutritious meals to children studying in Government schools and Government-aided schools. Little Heart Foundation also aims to counter malnutrition and support right to education of children’s.

Little hearts are unable to reach out to the treatments available for the them to beat normally, just due to lack of finances issue. This is an initiative to bridge the gap between these tiny hearts ailing with congenital issues and the helping hands. The mission of the foundation is to work for healthcare of poor children who require cardiac intervention and procedure to improve their quality of life.


Each donation is essential to us

Apart from providing Medical & Education help, Little Heart Foundation has always responded proactively to several crisis situations. Whether it was flood, cyclone, or earthquake, as a responsible NGO, the Foundation has worked tirelessly within and outside political boundaries of the country.

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Help For Food

One Meal offered by you may be a godly act of kindness for someone

Help For Women

Your supports may bring the light and peace in their life

Help For Education

Donate a Bag, book, pen & pencil to bring change to this world

Help For Animals

Help them also to have all their rights to live in this world