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Help the victims of Himachal Floods

Help the victims of Himachal Floods The people of Himachal Pradesh are facing a devastating situation as flash floods, landslides, and silt surges in rivers wreak havoc on their lives. 70+ Dead In Himachal Rain Rampage! Join Hands To Rebuild Lives Of Devastated Victims Of Floods. Help the people of Himachal by supporting them to […]

Malad Fire

Massive Fire @ Mumbai’s Malad East Slum – Appa Pada ( Anand Nagar ) wipes out 1,000 + houses. This Donation will consist of 5 products: The Tadpatri Huts have been completely destroyed by consecutive cylinder explosions, leaving women, men, and children with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They are now outside their […]

Swast Se Shiksha

Swast Se Shiksha

Story “My Son Sarthak Male Child suffering from Congenital Heart Disease. He is admitted to Balaji Heart Hospital & Diagnostic Centre at Byculla. Doctors have suggested to undergo ICR of VSD Closure. It was the most devastating news for us as parents. We are grateful to Little Heart Foundation who supported our baby’s treatment by […]

Food Distribution For Cancer Patients

# Food distribution for cancer patients #Roke Na Ruke Hum School Chalein Hum Leke Khushiyon Ka Pitara (A Bag Of Happiness) #nayaschool#nayishuruwat#nayiclass Lets Gift a School Kit in this Three years on, as schools reopen, underprivilege children come equipped with the knowledge they were able to gain through online classes but children in villages face […]