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Nobody Goes Hungry

Join Us To Ensure That Nobody Goes Hungry Little Heart Foundation’s Endeavor To Feed Everyone Since the time during the corona-induced lockdown, there were thousands of homeless people who were old, disabled, mentally or physically ill, injured, abandoned, and impoverished. Little Heart Foundation was striving to ensure that through Feed with smile, they could continue […]

Sponsor a Meal for 20 Patient Everyday

Sponsor a Meal for 20 Patient Everyday This meal contains Dal, Vegetable, Rice, and 5 chapatis, which will help the patients at public hospitals recover faster and avoid hunger. Nandini is childless widow and has no one to look after her. Her relative admitted her in the hospital for the treatment of liver infection but […]

Fight Away Hunger Campaign

# Little Heart Foundation’s FIGHT AWAY HUNGER: India is battling after severe second impact of Covid-19. Many other people are fighting for their daily needs. Everyone is under stress and fear, due to the weight of the situation around us, while the daily wagers of our society are laboring every day for their livelihood. Working […]

Foundation Ration Drive

# Foundation Ration Drive It’s All About Joy of Giving! Around 8% of the world’s population lives in extreme poverty. Hunger leads to malnutrition which in turn leaves people susceptible to diseases. The situation is particularly Pathetic in respect of children considering the fact that half of all kids younger than three years old in […]