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Parents Spend Sleepless Nights As Their New born Struggles To Survive In The NICU

Baby was born in Millat Nursing Home but due non availability of oxygen support Baby of Nusrat have been shifted to Fathima Children Hospital in emergency

Farid father of Baby works in Patient care as daily wages labour per day Rs 300-500/- his job is also not fixed he wakes up in the middle of the night when he hears a commotion and footsteps running towards the neo-natal care unit. Could it be my son? Is he getting worse? Farid can’t shake off these thoughts from his mind. When he sees a known face among the nurses, he anxiously asks about his son. 

“Don’t worry sir, he will be okay,” – the nurse’s assurance calms Farid down. He goes back to his mattress in the waiting area of the NICU and prays to God to look after his new born. After a hectic day of running around for medicines and tests, Farid was able to get some shut-eye but now he fears he will spend the night worrying about his child. 

Their 3-day-old baby boy is struggling to survive – the young parents are scared to lose him 

Farid was working in his office when he got a frantic call from his brother – Nusrat had to be admitted because she was suffering from severe pain in her stomach. 

“She was in her seventh month of pregnancy and this was not supposed to happen. So I was worried. I immediately applied for leave and left to meet my family in Ahmednagar,” – Nusrat, father.  

“The doctors allow us to meet him twice daily during their rounds. I have yet to hold my baby in my arms and I can’t tell you how I spend each minute worrying about his wellbeing.”

Nushrat is weak and has been asked to take complete rest at home. But that doesn’t stop this first-time mother from worrying about her little one. She calls Farid every hour and asks him if their son is fine. Nothing Farid says consoles her – she wants to hold him in her arms and smother him with kisses. Thankfully, their son is slowly recovering. He is putting on weight and can now breathe without support. But doctors have suggested that he stay in the NICU for at least another week. It will cost 1 lakhs and he is in no condition to afford that.

“I have already spent over Rs 47,000 – there is no one who can help me pay the bills. I want the best for my baby but how will I afford so much? Still more Rs 53,000/- required for medical treatment

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You can help these parents save their new born’s life by making a small contribution. Farid and Nusrat are spending sleepless nights worrying about their little one. They want to bring him home and shower him with love and affection but instead, the baby boy is now battling for his life.  

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