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“He was only 600 grams when he was born! It’s been 15 days, and we’ve never held our baby boy in our arms. The NICU is keeping him alive and he still has a long way to go before he starts to get better – but I’m running out of time and money,” says Uddhav Rongate before he’s once again asked to buy medicines for his little one. Uddhav hurries towards the pharmacy without wasting any time. He knows that there’s not a second to waste.

Kavita was still in her fifth month of pregnancy when their baby boy was born with extremely low birth weight and respiratory distress syndrome – breathing difficulty caused by underdeveloped lungs, common in premature babies.

However, Uddhav and Kavita’s newborn’s condition is critical. He can’t breathe on her own and needs to stay on oxygen support for longer to survive. His lungs haven’t developed, her weight is still low, and the safe and sterile environment of the NICU is keeping him alive.

They’ve Used All Their Savings & Borrowed From Everyone They Know
Total Estimated cost for the treatment is Rs. 515000/-
Uddhav is a farmer and his monthly income is appraox 8k. He is unable to pay treatment cost.

Uddhav and Kavita are simple people. All they want now is for their baby to go back home with them, healthy and happy. However, this will remain a distant dream without continued treatment. Your support will help these parents save their newborn baby’s life.


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Update 18/3/2024
Dear Supporters,

This is to inform you that Baby of Mrs. Kavita Rongate has recovered well and is in healthy condition.

He has got discharged from the Hospital.
This was all possible with your love and support you have shown for this baby.

We really thank you and appreciate your kind gesture.

We hope you all will support us in future and help us save more lives.

Thanks and Regards,
Little Heart Foundation Foundation

Update 13/02/2024
Dear Supporters,

This is to inform you that Baby of Mrs. Kavita Rongate’s current weight is 1.545 grams which is very low.

Baby is gaining weight very slowly.

Baby requires more 10 days of hospital stay. Due to increased stay the hospital bill is increasing day by day. We are still short of Rs 28,300/- so we humbly request you to please come forward and contribute the maximum possible from your end.

Your one little contribution can help save an innocent life.

Also, please pray for the baby’s speedy recovery and good health.

Thanks and Regards,
Little Heart Foundation