Regd No:E-36827 PAN:AACTL1979M Niti Aayog:MH/2022/0316348 CSR:CSR00039016

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Baby Name Prasad Shengule

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Baby Name – Prasad Shengule (1 year old baby)

FAMILY DETAILS – Mr. Dnyaneshwar Shengule(Father of Baby Prasad) is working as a daily wage laborer on farm with an income of Rs 4000 per month. His wife Mrs. Ujjwala is a home-maker. They are an underprivileged family who even struggles for even daily bread and butter. He is the sole earning member in the house with a family of 6 members to manage. Their financial condition is not sound & managing his son’s treatment cost is impossible.

Total Estimated Cost is Rs 2,50,000/-

PATIENT DETAILS – Baby Prasad Shengule is a 1Year Old Girl Child admitted at Balaji Heart Hospital in Parel for her heart ailment. The baby is diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease and under the care of Dr. Sanjay Khandare. She needs to undergo ICR of VSD Closure. The baby’s surgery is tentatively planned on 8th October, 2022. As the treatment amount is huge and time involved is less the baby’s family is struggling badly to arrange finance for her treatment. They have already spent a lot and exhausted with all their savings now they are unable to pay. So, we humbly request you to please save his son’s life as he is in urgent need.

Little Heart Foundation request to all the supporters to please come forward in this noble deed of saving lives.


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Address: Chirag Infotech, 2nd floor 211, Ambica Nagar, Near Kamgar Naka, Opp shamshan bhumi, Wagle Estate, Thane West -400604

Update 29/10/2022