Baby Of Mrs. Soni Sharma

Mr. Sunny Sharma (Father of Baby) is a Car-Mechanic. He gets a fixed pay of Rs 12,000/- per month. They are a 3-member family and his wife is a home-maker. In the month of August, 2022 his wife Mrs Soni Sharma delivered a baby boy who is suffering from Congenital Heart Disease. To arrange finance for the baby’s medical treatment they have sold almost all their luxuries (bike, gold, etc) to make their son breathe. Now they are unable to afford the baby’s medical treatment cost. Total Estimated Cost is Rs 6,00,000/-

Baby of Mrs. Soni Sharma is a 1.5 Month Old Male Child suffering from Congenital Heart Disease. The baby has 2 holes in his heart and a vein in his heart is been found to be blocked. He is admitted to Neonest Hospital in Delhi and presently under the care of Dr. Richa Malik. He needs to undergo surgery at the earliest as possible along with NICU stay. Since birth, the baby is struggling for his life in the hospital. They baby’s family is in terrible condition as they are struggling to arrange finance for their baby. Your one contribution can save their child’s life. We urge you to support the maximum possible for this child as he is in an emergency medical need.

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Little Heart Foundation is a not-for-profit organization in Thane, Maharashtra. The Foundation provides nutritious meals to children studying in Government schools and Government-aided schools. Also it aims to counter malnutrition and support right to education of children’s. Apart from providing Medical & Education help, Little Heart Foundation has always responded proactively to several crisis situations. Whether it was flood, cyclone, or earthquake, as a responsible NGO, the Foundation has worked tirelessly within and outside political boundaries of the country. Bright Students are seeking your help to continue their education. Help them by Donation! Show your compassion to orphans, underprivileged & street children. Make a difference in their lives today.
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