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Hi Everyone,
I am Priyanka Naikare, a house wife trying to hold my world together for my daughter. Our world came crashing down when we learned that my daughter, is suffering from Congenital Heart Defect. The only hope for her survival is a Urgent Heart Surgery at Jehangir Hospital, Pune.

We have to do this Surgery urgently. Since child’s clinical condition is not good. Presently child is having difficulty in breathing, Underweight, loss of appetite, not gaining weight. Now she needs aggressive medical management hospitalization followed by this life saving surgery.

Surgery is on 03 June 2024 on urgent basis and the estimate cost is 5,20,179 Rupees.

Child’s father Mr. Sanjay is the sole earner in the family. He is a daily wages labour and his income is too low. He is unable to pay such huge amount for his daughter’s heart surgery.

Your support means more than just financial assistance to us. It will encourage us and help us focus on our daughter’s well-being without worrying about finances. Please help us give our daughter a second chance at life. Share our story, contribute, and pray for her recovery. We are eternally grateful for every gesture of support.
Thank you.


TEL: +91 7304119049

Updates 12/6/2024
Dear Supporters,

This is to inform you that Daughter of Mrs. Priyanka Naikare’s heart surgery is been scheduled on 3rd July, 2024.

Baby is admitted in the hospital and under medical observation.

Parents are struggling to arrange for the baby’s operation. We currently have shortage of Rs 78,300/- from our committed amount so we humbly request you to please come forward and contribute the maximum possible from your end.

Your one little contribution can help save an innocent life.

Also, please pray for the baby’s speedy recovery and good health.

Thanks and Regards,
Littlle Heart Foundation